If you realize that the weight gain is affecting your well being, then you and I have something in common.

If you have gained weight due to the emotional roller coaster of dealing with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis, we may have a lot in common.

I have never had cancer although it has profoundly affected my life. 

My first unfortunate encounter with cancer was on my 19th birthday.  My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Since then, cancer has shown up again and again. I have lost many close family members and dear friends to this horrible disease.  I felt like my family was being ambushed, attacked by cancer. It was unbelievable and felt unfair to me.

I turned to food for comfort. I gained weight.  I was not helping myself. I was negatively affecting my well being with my excess weight. 

 I wanted to do all I could to keep myself healthy and strong, both physically and emotionally but I didn’t know where to start.  As my mother was battling her cancer, I somehow found my way.

What changed to help me was my MIND.

I learned how to manage my mind and emotions regarding cancer.  I learned some simple tools and how to apply them.

It has been an amazing journey. I want to share all I have learned with other women, who have walked a similar path. To let others know that I understand the struggle, the struggle is real, and I can HELP!

That’s why I am offering these 3 steps to get started.   These 3 steps are the beginning of your weight loss journey.

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