Your loved one has cancer or has died, what now?

Managing Mind & Emotion

Are you aware that there have been proven studies that trauma and loss can inspire people to grow and even be strengthened by their experiences?  I know it is true because I gained an enormous amount of wisdom through my interchange with cancer, as it showed up in my life, over and over again. I learned how to manage my mind and emotions.

What does this mean for you?

Your loved one’s cancer and/or death does not have to limit your happiness.

Being a Certified Life Coach, combined with all of my knowledge and expertise on cancer and grief, I offer a proven process to uncover what is holding you back.  I will get you back to thriving in life, instead of just surviving.

If I hadn’t done it myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it was possible.

I was only 19 years old when cancer showed up in a loved one.  Over the years it hit my family hard, and I lost many loved ones.  I didn’t know anyone else who had gone through something like this.

My friends had compassion but didn’t really understand.

Fortunately, my clients have me.

Many of them worry that they can’t handle this. They think they won’t recover.

I teach my clients how to move forward into a life you can actually enjoy. Working with me will show you how to use what happened to lift you up, instead of bringing you down. I will show you how to focus on the road ahead instead of looking in the rearview mirror constantly, and thinking your best days are behind you.

Worried you can’t change how you feel? I help my clients overcome the self-doubt and the unique challenges they experience ~ feeling anxious, overwhelmed and worried about the future.

With me as your coach, you’ll become confident and resilient. You’ll be certain of your ability to make decisions and empowered to keep living life to the fullest.  Your relationships with others will seem easier because you’ll know exactly why they aren’t working and what to do about it.  Together, we will examine all the areas of your life and you’ll be stronger from going through this experience. You will be more self-assured than ever before.

You’re a great fit if:

  • You’re functioning at a basic level:  you probably look normal to other people who don’t know you well.
  • Even though people might say you’re doing great, inside you still feel like life is one big nightmare.
  • You’re open to the idea of creating a dream life, even if you’re not sure you believe it’s possible.
  • You are willing to do the work, whatever it takes, to move forward.

Tap in to your inner wisdom

Through my pain, I have found purpose…

As cancer showed up in my life, I struggled. Dad was the first loved one to be diagnosed, it was on my 19th Birthday. He went in for emergency surgery and the surgeon came out and said he had only 6 months to live. Fast forward to today, many close family members, loved ones, dear friends have received the familiar cancer diagnosis, many of them at young ages.I felt helpless.  I felt like cancer was ambushing my family. I was desperate for relief. As my sweet mother was losing her battle, I found a coach. It changed my life. I learned how to manage my mind and my emotions. I found relief. I then became a certified coach.

Now I dedicate my life to helping others.I help women who have been affected by this awful disease, not through their own diagnosis but through loved one’s diagnosis. Maybe that is you.  Cancer may have surrounded you for many years, you may have felt the attack on your life. Or maybe you had never really thought about cancer. Perhaps cancer seemed like something that happened to other people, and then someone you care about was diagnosed.

When cancer arrives it feels like a bomb going off.  Your life is turned upside down. You want to feel better, to know that you will get through it but you have a lot of doubts.  The uncertainty wears you out. You may not be taking good care of yourself physically and emotionally. You want to do better, but you just can’t seem to get it together.  If that is you, then I would love to connect and share what I have learned. If you are feeling overwhelmed and are ready for some relief, I can help.

Your loved one has cancer, what now?
Managing Mind & Emotion 

So many negative emotions arise when a loved one gets diagnosed with cancer. Fear takes over your mind, your life. Anxiety sets in. Suddenly there is a whole new set of problems to deal with, serious problems. I understand the pain of hearing the diagnosis. I understand how bad it feels.  Helpless.  Hopeless. Many people don’t realize the toll it all takes on a cancer patient’s loved ones, but I do. I remember so many times feeling stuck in this dark place, wanting to feel better. I even felt guilty that I was feeling so bad, when the person who had the cancer was the one really suffering.

I turned to food to feel better. Others turn to alcohol, drugs, shopping etc… it doesn’t really matter what you do for relief because it does not work. I’ve experienced all of the pain – and I’ve learned a few things. After supporting so many loved ones through this process – I know how to feel better.  I can’t wait to share what I have learned with you.

My program gets to the root of the problem.  I coach on how to manage your mind. I will give you tools to process your emotions. Maybe you are not able to cope emotionally with this heavy situation. Whether you just shut down emotionally, turn to food, drink, shopping or anything else to escape from the pain, my program can help you.

Together we will address all the fears and negative emotions.  We will also look at the byproducts of your coping mechanisms.  This will be a new way living and dealing with life to sustain good emotional and physical health. I can help you feel better.

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